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If you are interested in getting married at one of our churches please contact the Associate Priest  on 01256 397256. You will find some very helpful general guidance about getting married at this link:  www.cofe.anglican.org/lifeevents/weddings

We do delight in having weddings at any of our four churches. There are rules about who may be married in church, one of the couple must:

      • live in the parish or
  • be on the church electoral roll for the parish as a regular worshipper or
  • have a ‘qualifying connection’ with the parish

A qualifying connection includes baptism or confirmation in the parish, residence of parents during your lifetime, or marriage of parents/grandparents in the parish. (full guidance on these connections is available from the Church of England website). If none of these applies then the marriage cannot legally be carried out in the church by the normal method of reading Banns. However, other options may be available including the marriage ceremony taking place in a Registry Office followed by a blessing in church so please ask the Associate Priest in this case. If either of the couple is not a citizen of the European Union there are special rules that apply. If this is the case please discuss this early with the the Associate Priest who will be able to advise regarding the procedure to follow and the permissions to be obtained.

How much does a wedding in church cost? Fees include the statutory marriage fees and the cost of an organist.The Associate Priest will be able to advise you regarding the applicable fees.