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On Monday 19th July 2021 we officially moved to step 4 of the ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’.

The approach taken by the Government in this step is to remove most coronavirus legislation but to promote guidance that emphasises the personal and corporate responsibility of individuals and organisations to protect others and themselves.

How will this affect what we do in church?

  • Please do not attend church if you feel unwell.
  • We will still have hand sanitizer available for use – good hand hygiene is a good idea regardless.
  • We will still make sure the building is cleaned regularly, particularly frequently touched surfaces.
  • We will continue to encourage use of the NHS tracker QR code as you enter church.
  • Masks are no longer mandatory.

However, government ‘expects and recommends’ their use in crowded and enclosed settings to protect others (primarily) and ourselves.
Our building is airy and naturally well ventilated, but you may want to consider wearing a mask when moving round the building (for example, where queues develop on entering and leaving the building).
For every person who is delighted at the prospect of no longer wearing a mask there may be another for whom it is a source of huge anxiety. We should be mindful of the feelings of others and consider additional measures we can take to reduce transmission of the virus, such as making space.

  • We will open up the pews for use and have removed the chain from the side aisle so this can be used with the chairs.
    We will also have cards available, for use anywhere in the church, for people to put in the space next to them if they would feel safer with the seat next to them being vacant.
  • We will be able to sing again as a congregation
    Guidance is that we still consider the risk of Covid 19 transmission by aerosols, so if you are concerned please sit towards the back of church.  You may feel happier wearing your mask to sing at least for the first few weeks.
  • Communion will continue to be in one kind only
    and administered in the pew as we have become accustomed to. Other options will be considered as we move forward.