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Sebastian’s Action Trust – Bluebells

In light of the impending period of lockdown, Sebastian’s Action Trust we recognise that we still have a vital part to play in supporting vulnerable, isolated and struggling families who face extraordinary challenges on a daily basis. We remain committed to our #SATstillworking message and our incredible team will continue to provide emotional, social and practical support throughout the coming weeks and months. However, in line with the restrictions we will, from necessity, introduce some temporary changes to the structure of our team and operations.

From Thursday 5th November, The Bluebells and The Woodlands will be closed as venues for respite breaks, day visits and activities, until further notice. Our shops, Bas Books and Bas Books & Home will both close from the 5th November until the 2nd December. Regrettably this means we will be unable to accept donations of goods for our shops throughout this period. Our staff across service delivery, fundraising, finance and administration will be working from home; calls will be diverted to appropriate personnel and we will continue to be available by email. We have, however, placed a number of our staff on furlough. Where this is the case, your emails will be directed to another member of staff but please bear with us as we anticipate our response times may be impacted by our diminished capacity.

From working through the initial three month period of lockdown we have learnt so many valuable lessons that we are now implementing in our service delivery and fundraising efforts but the stark reality of the current situation is we find ourselves in desperate, difficult times. The support of our donors, volunteers and followers has never been more critical; at a time when our ability to generate funds to sustain our much needed services is significantly reduced, we need your help more than ever. Please continue to follow our social media, visit our website and think of what YOU can do to help us in these dark days.

As a charity born out of a little boy’s last wish to help others in their bleakest hours, over the past (almost) 17 years we have been alongside families through the hardest of times- the shock of a new diagnosis, learning to live with a life-limiting condition, the knowledge that curable options have been exhausted, the last days in a child’s life, the lifetime of missing a child when they have died. As a charity we have faced tremendous challenges, grown out of all proportion to our original aims and become a literal lifeline to seriously-ill children and their families across the UK. We are working to protect our future so that we can remain ‘here-always’ for those who need us today, tomorrow and in the distant future. We know that the current situation is impacting on each and every one of us but we hope you will continue to support us any way you can, raise awareness of our cause and find a special place in your hearts for our beneficiaries, our team and the amazing cause that is Sebastian’s Action Trust.


Jane Gates OBE, Chief Executive

jane@sebastiansactiontrust.org/0787 9999 677